Kyushu Good OL’Classic

01 x pack Kyushu Pancake Pancake Flour mix (200 gram)
Fresh Milk 180-220 ml (as desired)
01 egg
(Each pack of four mix can make 7-9 pancakes of diameter 10-12 cm)

1. First mix the milk and egg together in a bowl and stir to a consistent mix. Add in the flour in small quantity and slowly work its ay into the egg & milk mixture until the flour is evenly mix into a smooth batter.
2. Allow the batter mixture to stand for 10 minutes following the mixing.
3. Turn the stove to low fire. If you are using a flat pan, pre-heat it to a temperature of 170 degree celsius. Add some olive oil (or butter) and spread it evenly on the surface of the pan. Use a ladle and pour the batter on the pan to a desireable diameter (recommend about 10-12cm diameter). Cook this side for about 2 minutes.
4. When the edge of the pancake is seen cooked, with small bubbles appearing on the surface, flip the pancake to cook the other face of the pancake. You will only need to flip the pancake side once and the pancake is ready when its colours turns to light brown colour.