Banana Cake

1 pack Kyushu Pancake Four mix (only require 100gram)
100 gram Unsalted butter
50 gram Sugar
2 Eggs
20 ml Fresh Milk
03 Ripe Banana
50 gram Walnut
(for added aroma, you may like to add in Rum or Brandy 5 ml)

1.Allow to unsalted butter to set to room temperature.
2. Remove the skin of 2 bananas and crush and work them into a mashed form using a spoon.
3. Cut the remaining banana into slices after removing the skin.
4. Add in the unsalted butter and sugar and stir into a fluff.
5. Work in the Kyushu Pancake flour mix slowly into the egg & milk mxiture prepared earlier to get a smooth batter with slow and consistent whizzing.
6. Next add the crushed walnut (about 5mm crushed bits) and banana and mix well.
8. Line the baking mould with baking or parchment paper and then pour in the batter mixture when ready. Place the sliced bananas at the top of the batter.
9. Bake the mixture in the oven at 160 degree celsius for 30-40 minutes.
10. Allow the baked cake to cool down for half hour after taking out from the oven. Remove cake from mould and wrap it in cling wrap and chill in the chiller.