Kyushu Pancake Café makes its debut in Singapore market.

Riding on its exceptional success and fame in Japan and Taiwan, Kyushu Pancake Café makes its debut in Singapore and open their first outlet on 11 May 2016. Singapore, is the first country in South East Asia to bring about the flagship store concept that hailed from Japan, following the successful launch in Taiwan in 2015. With the opening, it also announced its plan to expand aggressively into the South East Asia markets.

Café Interior

Kyushu Pancake presents the epitome of fine quality pancake flour mix by combining the finest quality selection of 7 different grains from Kyushu, the gem of Japanese agricultural regions, to give the perfect product of unique taste and texture, unmatched by none. We achieve a delicate balance to offer a healthy product and still taste great. The brand made its debut in Japan in 2012 with resounding success and was awarded gold medal in the 2013 Japan Food Festa. Within 3 years of its launch, it aggressively expanded from Kyushu, Tokyo and Taiwan and is taking its bold step to establish in the South East Asia region starting with the flagship store in Singapore.

The Kyushu Pancake Flagship store boosts a floor area of 818 square feet with a seating capacity of 42 seats. Situated in the fringe of the downtown at Novena area, amidst the commercial, educational and expatriate community. Designed with an interior of industrial and cosy home décor style and the artful use of full height glass façade , it created a comfortable ambience, a recluse from the buzzling crowd and enjoyed the peace over great food and their signature beverages.

Using only the finest ingredients: Wheat from Oita Prefecture, fertiliser free, Aigoma farmed Sprouted brown rice in Aya, Miyazaki, Millet from Unzen, Nagasaki, Pressed barley from Saga Prefecture, the legendary purple rice and red glutinuous rice from Kumamoto and Fukuoka Prefecture, Non glutinuous rice from Kagoshima and the famed raw sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima. Kyushu Pancake strive to merry the producers from Kyushu province to the end users by exhibiting the pride of the region in the finest products they want to showcase to the world from Kyushu, Japan. Kyuhsu Pancake wants to impress with their products and put a smile on everyone’s face and create lasting memories.
The brand strongly believes in maintaining the perfect balance of giving good taste and quality but without compromising the safety of our consumers. The flour mix is free of emulsifier, artificial fragrant and additives or processed starch. So, the products are good and safe for everyone, even suitable for young kids.

Built on our proprietary flour mix formula, we use the Kyushu Pancake flour base, with 3 main base of Pancakes, French Toast & Waffles and combined with fresh fruits and dairy products to create an unique and exciting menu. To ensure the best taste and freshness, our kitchen use the freshest fruits and ingredients daily to create our signature White Wine Honey and Fruit conserve that accompany each menu offering. The diner’s experience is further enhanced by the complementary beverage offerings with our signature drinks like Matcha Latte, Fresh Fruit Tea, Special Milk Tea.