About Kyushu-Pancake

Kyushu Wheat

Specially Selected Kyushu Wheat and Flavourful Grains

Ranging from the Wheat from Oita Prefecture, fertiliser free, Aigoma farmed Sprouted brown rice in Aya, Miyazaki, Millet from Unzen, Nagasaki, Pressed barley from Saga Prefecture, the legendary purple rice and red glutinous rice from Kumamoto and Fukuoka Prefecture, Non glutinous rice from Kagoshima and the famed raw sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima. Made from finely selected seven grains, 100% homegrown in Kyushu province, Japan, Kyushu Pancake Mix brings you the natural taste, free of emulsifier, artificial fragrance, additives or processed starch.

Presenting the goodness of the harvested grains from Kyushu

  • We use 100% raw sugar from Okinawa & Kagoshima.
  • No use of Aluminium based emulsifier.
  • No use of emulsifier and artificial starch.

We use the renowned brown sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima region, no usage of emulsifier, artificial fragance, engineered starch. This makes our product safe for conusmption, even for young children.

Kyushu classic Buttermilk pancake flour mix

We use only 100% Kyushu Wheat and grains, complemented with 100% Kyushu produced Buttermilk powder to create the classic Buttermilk pancake flour mix.


The Rich Flavour of Buttermilk

We used high quality “Buttermilk” powder which is a product derived after we dehydrated the mixture of butter and water. This product gives a unique but signature taste of the richness of the butter. When added into our flour, it sigificantly improve its taste and richness of the pancake. The Butermilk powder is a product produced in low quantity worldwide and we pride ourselves for sharing this unique produce into our product.


Kyushu Original seven grains pancake flour mix

Japan Food Festa 2013 National Gold Award
Awarded the prestigious [Japan Food Festa 2013 National Gold Award].

Kyushu classic Buttermilk pancake flour mix

Culinary Masters Brand
Conferred the highest award from trhe Agricultural & Aquacultural Division and recognised as the [Culinary Masters Brand].